Ten Tips To Help You Find The Right Care Option For Your Loved One

1. Make an accurate and honest assessment of your loved ones physical, financial, mental, and lifestyle needs.

It is always helpful to take a step back and examine the current situation of a loved one, as someone from the outside looking in would. It is easy for your judgement to be clouded when your personal emotions come into play.

2. If possible involve your loved one in the discussion.

Have them provide input about what services/amenities they need in their new home. Take them on tours of care facilities. Talk with them often about the move, using encouragement and positive reinforcement. Remember, someone suffering from dementia cannot make important decisions regarding their care, but they may still appreciate being able to decide if their favorite chair will make the move too. Most seniors want to maintain their independence, so don't make all the decisions for them.


Put in the time to make sure it's the right care option. Finding the right type of facility is key to making the transition. Do your research on the facility you choose. It's important to find a place that's safe, where the staff is caring. Most important, make sure the assisted living or nursing home you choose can provide your loved one with the level of care that they need.

4. Take tours of many different care facilities.

Some people still have an image of a sterile hospital type care with several patients in one room. Fortunately this is not the case. Take tours of many different types of communities and care facilities. Try visiting them at different times during the day.

5. Ask about the activities and outings that are available.

Most facilities offer activities in house. (Watching TV is not an activity) Some even provide transportation to outside activities as well.

6. Ask to review a copy of the Resident Agreement (facility contract) and the house rules.

Understand what conditions or circumstances may result in the need to relocate or move to another facility. Can this facility meet the needs of your loved one now and in the foreseeable future?

7. Ask what the fees are and what services are included in that fee?

Ask about additional charges for services/products? Many larger facilities have fee for service type pricing (for each service you use you pay extra), while many residential type facilities have all-inclusive pricing. What is the care facilities policy on Medicaid. If your loved one runs out of funds does the facility accept Medicaid or do you have to relocate.

8. Choose a location that is close enough to family and friends.

You may have chosen a great assisted living facility, but if it's too far away from family, your loved one may still feel alone and isolated. Make sure the location is convenient to allow friends and family to visit easily.

9. Make an unannounced visit to the facilities you are interested in.

Talk with the residents and their family members about the facility.

10. Choose the facility that comes closest to your needs.

Then create a warm, inviting and familiar environment and make their new home seem as much like home as possible, bringing in pictures and furniture and let them help decorate. This can make the space feel more inviting.

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